We are full of "Cuban Sabrosura" 🇨🇺🪇

Matilda's Kitchen is a Cuban restaurant in Miami Beach; We are full of the best Cuban recipes and traditions that Matilda brings with her "Sabrosura", directly from the island for you to enjoy right here on the famous street of Collins Ave...

Our Mojitos refresh the day and light up the night and our traditional Cuban Sandwiches, Ropa Vieja, Cuban Croquettes, and, of course, the Cuban "Cortadito," among others, are the favorites so that you can get to know the culture of our beloved Cuba.

Cuban Mojitos near me

Best Traditional Cuban Mojitos

The joy and Cuban flavor must begin and end with Mojitos... we are clear about it, and that's why our master bartender has the formula of the Cuban tradition in our Mojitos.


Cuban breakfast in Miami Beach - Matilda's Kitchen

Cuban Brunch

It's not just about having a typical Brunch, it's about the taste of Cuba in every bite...

Our Menus

Food and Drinks full of Tradition.

Here, if it is not made with "Sabrosura," we do not do it, and our Chefs, experts in Cuban seasoning, are clear about it.

The same goes for our Bartenders., they have the perfect classic recipes for the most traditional craft cocktails.